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Small Importing Company is a wine and craft spirits importer, supplying unique, cutting-edge products with great stories at affordable, approachable prices.  The people of Small Importing Company are passionate wine and spirits lovers.   Our knowledge of and passion for our products is exemplified in the uncanny ability to “tell a good story.” Customers and consumers all want a good story, excellent product and an affordable price.  This is the core of our portfolio—products for the people. Our ability to be innovative and creative in the market and commitment to customer service enable us to build strong relationships and win in the markets we compete by enhancing “that perfect moment” with a great wine or craft cocktail.

We believe that wine and spirits run beyond a bottle; it is an intimate and personal experience. It is an opportunity to reconnect with old relationships or be the catalyst for new ones.

At Small Importing Company, we share the dreams and passion of our suppliers and those who chose our products. We believe that being small can lead to uniquely big accomplishments. Our continuous evolution and innovative solutions are blended together with traditional values imperative to maintain the highest of standards and quality products.

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